Bayer is recovering

Published on: 16-May-2019
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Last updated: 16-May-2019

Bayer is recovering

The German pharmaceutical company Bayer has been criticized and brought to trial since its acquisition of Monsanto. The company has also lost the third major trial involving the weedkiller Roundup and the presumed carcinogen glyphosate. On Monday, the company was ordered to pay over $ 2 billion in damages after being sued by a retired couple. In the US, there are now more complaints, which add up to about 13400 cases. The first two lawsuits have resulted in damages of $ 78 and $ 80 million, respectively. But even if each of the plaintiffs gets in the future "only" ten million dollars, that would be a total of over 130 billion dollars for Bayer.

The allegations and judgments hugely damage the image of the company and also influence the company's shares. Although Bayer tries to keep his name clean in public perception, the glyphosate cases are difficult to achieve. Since completing Monsanto's takeover last fall, Bayer has also abolished the name Monsanto, even though it keeps cropping up in the process.

The stock market has heard the lost confidence of the investors and the Bayer share lost significantly in value. But since this week she is in the midfield of the DAX. The price is currently 56.92 euros and has thus increased by 0.47 percent. The stock market value of the group amounts to 57295.99 million euros. Bayer is and remains one of the largest and wealthiest companies in the DAX as it ranks fifth with 6.77 percent.



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