Dow Jones with top mark, Bitcoin at CME

Published on: 13-Jan-2020
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Last updated: 13-Jan-2020

Dow Jones with top mark, Bitcoin at CME

The leading American index Dow Jones reached a new high on Friday. The index reached over 29000 points for the first time, however, it dropped again to 28826 points at the close of trading. The rise is said to have been due to good labor market data. Slightly rising wages also led to a loose monetary policy by the American central bank. The Dax rose to 13521 points today and after a short time even to 13529 points. This means that the leading German index almost reached its best mark of 13596 points. The de-escalating situation in the conflict between the United States and Iran has given the markets a positive mood.

Asian markets have also come to a green branch through an approach. The Shanghai stock index gained 0.75 percent and the Japanese Nikkei index closed trading up 0.5 percent on Friday.

Saudi Aramco

The state-owned oil company Saudi Aramco is launching additional shares in Saudi Arabia. The world's largest IPO in December is now to be made even bigger by selling 450 million additional shares. The previous issue volume will thus be raised from $ 25.6 billion to $ 29.4 billion. Saudi Aramco has reserved an over-allotment option (greenshoe) when going public in order to be able to issue more shares if demand is high. The bank in charge is Goldman Sachs. Meanwhile, one share in the oil company costs $ 9.45 (35 riyals).


As of today, you can buy Bitcoin options on the CME futures exchange in Chicago. Bitcoin futures have been trading for two years. Even if the world's largest cryptocurrency has not yet made it into a recognized means of payment due to its fluctuations in value, it is interesting for investors. It remains to be seen whether the offer from the Chicago futures exchange will help Bitcoin to recover.



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