Stock markets and forex trading

Published on: 13-Feb-2020
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Last updated: 13-Feb-2020

Stock markets and forex trading

In Asia, the stock markets are clearly reacting to the latest developments in the corona virus. The Japanese leading index Nikkei 225 fell on Thursday by 0.14 percent to 23828 points. The Topix index, which describes a more precise state of the Japanese economy with 2020 stocks, has also lost 0.34 percent and is now at 1713 points. In Shanghai, the most important stock exchange in China, the SSE index is down 0.71 percent at 2906 points. The reason for the unsettled situation in Asia is still the corona virus. 242 new deaths have been reported in Hubei province, where the virus is believed to originate. Yesterday alone, 14840 people are said to have been infected.

The leading German index, Dax, is currently down 0.66 percent at 13657. But the index reached a record high on Tuesday and yesterday it also set a new record with 13759 points. In New York, investors are driving the three major indices, Dow Jones, Nasdaq and S&P 500. The Dow Jones achieved 29551 points with an increase of 0.91 percent. The S&P rose 0.65 percent and the technology index Nasdaq rose 0.9 percent at the close on Wednesday.

Secure current investments such as gold or Swiss francs also currently benefit. The euro is quoted at CHF 1.063 or USD 1.0884. Recently, the euro was at its lowest level since mid-August. The franc, on the other hand, is at its highest level in a year. The price of gold is $ 1,574 an ounce, up 0.5 percent.



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