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It's very easy to make a deal with us. It only takes 3 steps. After that, all profits from your deal will automatically appear in your account at Trading Deals. Either your earnings are booked directly to your trading account. Or you can make a withdrawal from your Trading Deals account yourself. Here you can find out how everything works and some of your advantages with us...

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Sign up to Trading Deals for free. All benefits are reserved exclusively for registered members. Registration is non-binding, secure and fast. No bank or address data is required.

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Find a suitable broker for you in our member area by finding out about all important trading conditions and comparing our deals. Then use the links/buttons of Trading Deals to get to the normal opening of your trading account with the broker of your choice. Alternatively, when opening a trading account, you inform the broker that you want to use a deal from us. Often an existing trading account can also be linked to a deal from us.

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And already your trading is upgraded with the benefits and payouts of Trading Deals! Once you have informed us about your trading account and it has been confirmed by us, you will benefit with every trade from your deal in cash. No matter whether the individual trade itself brought profit or loss.

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The usual trading costs such as commission and spread reduce the performance of your trading. In addition, there may be uncertainties in the search for a good broker. Our services and deals can reduce these two factors. As a result, this can easily and permanently increase your profitability compared to opening an account directly with the broker.

Large selection

We offer you important facts about a large number of regulated brokers with the most varied conditions. This gives you a real choice and you are free to make a good decision. Whatever you prefer to trade: Forex, stocks, indices, futures, commodities, CFD, certificates, options. No matter what conditions, regulations and benefits are most important to you. There is something for every trading style.

Quick comparison

You can easily find an ideal broker with the suitable trading conditions and profitable advantages. Use our detailed information portal in the member area for a comprehensive overview of the industry and your possibilities. This will enable you to make a good decision.

Lucrative Deals

We negotiate fees and commissions with brokers for our services. A large part of our income is used for our deals, so that you can profit as much as possible. This results in advantages that you would not receive directly from the broker. There are various deals. Many deals offer permanent payments based on commissions, spreads and lots. And there are one-time bonuses, special promotions or vouchers for trading services.

Simple procedure

With our service it is very easy to benefit from the deals. From registration, through selection, to payment, it is uncomplicated with us. So you can fully concentrate on your trading!

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